"Ich gebe mein Buch bekannt."

Translation:I announce my book.

October 20, 2015



geben bekannt = to announce something?

October 20, 2015


The infinitive is "bekanntgeben" (it's a separable verb). You're right, "etwas bekanntgeben" means "to announce s.th."

October 20, 2015


Thank you so much. Here, a Lingot from me as a form of appreciation ;)

October 21, 2015


Oh, thank you.

October 21, 2015


thank you for the explanation!

October 22, 2015

[deactivated user]

    And just what does that mean in English?

    September 13, 2017


    Good question! I'm a native English speaker and find this a very curious sentence. I can only surmise that one has just written a book and wants to inform the public about it. I'd say "My new book is about to be published".

    April 3, 2018


    I honestly don't know how one could go through life living natively in English, and not know what a book announcement is.

    April 3, 2018


      Although for some reason even Duden bucks the 1996 spelling reform and recommends writing it as two words: bekannt geben.

      March 8, 2017


      Very helpful! Thanks.

      December 3, 2015


      Thanks for explaining.

      February 25, 2017


      Or "I make [something] known" ?

      July 20, 2019


      The way I sort of figured this out was that the sentence looks like 'I give my book [notoriety]'. 'I give my book being known'. How do you make something known? You announce it!

      June 1, 2016


      Actually you tell someone about it. Weddings, funerals and guests are announced in the English language.

      December 3, 2017


      "I give my book knowing."

      June 21, 2017


      What does "I announce my book" even mean in English? Is it in the sense of an author announcing the realse of a new book?

      May 14, 2016


      I'm not a native speaker, but it was exactly what I thought. Yeah, probably a release announcement or something.

      August 11, 2016


      Just because you can google it doesn't mean it is an actual thing in actual language

      August 13, 2018


      No, the massive amount of various results do.

      August 13, 2018


      If it gets 239,000,0000 hits, it probably is a thing.

      June 19, 2019


      I also want to know this.

      July 4, 2016


      Yes, thsts what it would mean in English. If I wrote a new book I would announce it so people knew about it.

      August 28, 2017


      Yes, I translated it as "I present my book" thinking that could make some sort of sense.... but Duo says "NO!"

      August 13, 2018


      Well, it's different. An announcement is not necessarily a presentation. If I announce the winners of a contest, I'm not necessarily presenting them to you. Maybe they're not there. Maybe I'm just letting you know who they are.

      A "book announcement" is like a press release wherein one announces their book is coming. And since it is coming and not yet here, it cannot be presented.

      August 13, 2018


      It would be helpful if Duo would introduce these words before expecting anyone to know what they are or how to spell them. :P

      May 9, 2016


      excellent critique. It becomes very annoying to have to guess when you aren't given the chance to learn it first!

      January 14, 2017


      I understand the frustration and the desire for more information upfront. But Duolingo is not a textbook, much less a textbook, a class, a professor, and a teaching assistant (and tuition fees). On the positive side, guessing is an extremely important skill. NOTE: If you're on the website, you can click on the light-bulb icon and see some information that will help prepare you for the lesson you're about to start. Highly recommended.

      June 19, 2019


      Would it be too literal to translate this as "I make my book known"? In English, "to make known" is "to announce" and it makes it much easier to remember...

      June 9, 2017


      I really think that makes a lot of sense! Although, as a memory aide, it does present the pitfall of making one mis-remember the terms as "bekanntmachen."

      August 11, 2017


      why is "I make my book known" not accepted?

      January 16, 2019


      That's my question too.

      March 23, 2019


      I'm trying to upvote this question but it keeps taking it away.

      March 23, 2019


      Book publishing is a business, and "book announcement" is a term of the trade. You announce your book. "I make my book known" would make the author sound like he or she doesn't know what he or she is doing.

      June 19, 2019


      There is no way I would have gotten this from what I have already learned. The words I have been given so far for bekannt is "familiar, well-known, and famous". Glad to read the explanations here.

      December 22, 2016


      As far as I know you "launch" your book, but I am not English speaking

      May 13, 2018


      Could bekanntgeben mean to publish?

      January 1, 2016


      No, "bekanntgeben" means "to announce". "To publish" is "veröffentlichen".

      January 1, 2016


      I assume 'Buch' is not dative, since it is not being 'given' anything physically?

      June 21, 2016


      The sentence implies that the book is announced to the world. I'm announcing the book (to the world). So, das Buch is in accusative, and the world would be in dative.

      June 21, 2016


      Thanks, that makes sense!

      June 21, 2016


      I do not understand,how the above translates to Announce - when there is "gebe and bekannt" ?

      July 4, 2016


      The verb in its infinitive form is "bekanntgeben" (to announce). It's a separable verb - it gets separated when conjugated.

      July 5, 2016


      I had the same question -- start with reading the first comments, and you can generally get the answer

      September 6, 2016


      Why not "I introduce my book" ?

      November 22, 2017


      Because "to introduce" is not a translation of "bekanntgeben".

      November 25, 2017


      Why do we say that we give the book an announcement? Also, the other variation on this one uses "Ich kündige mein Buch an." Why is that?

      July 8, 2018


      bekanntgeben is simply "announce"; surely we can memorize it as "give announcement", but that may not be the best translation. ankündigen is another separable verb meaning "announce".

      July 10, 2018


      In English one cannot really announce an object or artifact. Announce is actually a performative verb ... When I say "I am announcing my commitment to blah blah blah" the act of announcing it is all that is required to announce. When I announce the marriage of Jane and Sue, I am saying that something is going to occur. You cannot announce trees, the sky, misery (you can announce that you are miserable) or books.

      August 13, 2018


      Duo will not accept, "I am making my book known?"

      October 27, 2018


      Looking at the definition is seems like a real stretch.

      December 9, 2018


      The translation is wrong. It should be "I publish my book".


      March 19, 2019


      No. You are announcing your book. You publisher is publishing it. Your announcement alerts the public and the publishing world that your book is about to appear in print. The webpage you provide a link to says bekannt geben = publish. That's misleading. It sort of means publish in the sense of to make known, but it doesn't mean publish in the sense of publishing a book. With regard to books, "announce" is the right word.

      June 19, 2019


      I responded "I make my book known." and was marked wrong. 24/07/2019 I think that my response should be accepted. I have reported this.

      July 23, 2019


      This sentence doesnt make cents

      August 18, 2019


      Surely it should be "I'm launching my book", as in a "book launch."

      "Announcing my book" is not grammatical English

      April 27, 2017



      July 27, 2018
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