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Ability to track hours in classroom?

Hi, I just found out about the addition of the DuoLingo classroom and am SO excited about it. I have been wanting DuoLingo to add this feature for quite some time (but never suggested it!). I am a Program Manager for an Adult Education Literacy Program and am wondering if there is a way to track actual time on task in the "duolingo classroom." It looks like you can see which lessons a student has completed, but is there a way to see how much time they are doing in a day, week, or month? The reason I ask is that we receive state funding and are required to test our students after 60 hours in order to receive some of that funding. Often, it is very hard for students to come to class for 60 hours in just 3 months because they are adults and have other responsibilities. Many of them already use DuoLingo at home, but now that I can add them to my classroom, I will be able to track their progress; however, I would like to also be able to track their hours so that that time spent studying DuoLingo at home can count towards their 60 hours post test. Is this a feature that I'm just not seeing or can it be added?

Thank you so much, Ashley

October 20, 2015



This is a great idea and we can certainly see the value in measuring time spent on Duolingo. I'll let the team know, thank you for sharing!



This is a great idea and we can certainly see the value in measuring time spent on Duolingo

This does not only apply to schools / classroom settings!

Is is really that hard (technically speaking) to track minutes and to incorporate a detail statistic screen for ALL Duolingo users (normal accounts, no progress sharing) like www.mondly.com web has it?


I totally agree. During our conference at Duolingo, 10/16/15 we brought up that question of tracking the exact time students entered the site, what they did, and how long they stayed, as well as how much progress they did during the time they were in [not just an open link]. Hopefully soon!!

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