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Confusing sentences

I have only just started the italian translations, and the site seems to work well enough but one thing bugs me.

Some of the sentences make no sense at all. I get that the idea is to learn the words and grammar, but a sentence such as "The spider eats bread" or "The chocolate cream boils" is ridiculous and it just makes it harder to learn.

Why do they even make sentences like this?

January 6, 2013

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I do not think those odd sentences reveal a thing about Italian culture. I see the same strange statements in the Spanish section. They make no sense because they are put together by a computer and are an effort to use verbs and nouns that are, supposedly, in one's vocabulary. I've never said "The spider eats bread" in English, and doubt that such a statement has often been expressed in any language, apart from people that feed spiders.

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