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"The door is closed, from now on nobody can look inside."

Translation:Kapı kapandı, artık kimse içeriye bakamaz.

October 20, 2015



I think the English is supposed to be

The door has been closed

(to make "from now on" more relevant). As written, it seems like the Turkish should start with "Kapı kapalı".

"The door is closed" is not a passive construction, any more than "the door is open."


Do double negative rules not apply when conjugating verbs as "can not"? For example, why isn't this sentence "Kapi kapandi, artik hic kimse iceriye bakamaz"?


kimse is already negative in nature, but you can also add "hiç." It is optional and just makes the statement a little stronger.


Why is the past tense 'kapandı' used here when the door IS closed? Elsewhere in this lesson, exercises will mark translations wrong if they use the past tense in this same scenario.


Juan980516 PLUS


"The door is closed, from now on nobody can look inside." Translation: Kapı kapandı, artık kimse içeriye bakamaz.

Kapı kapalı, the door is closed.

Kapı kapanmış, the door has been closed.

These answers may not be correct for this "passive" topic.

Kind regards.

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