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"My sister-in-law wears skirts."

Translation:Min svigerinne går i skjørt.

October 20, 2015



Why is "går i" used here? I have only used "har på seg" until now. Are they interchangeable?


Går i states this is probably a regular occurance, as well as something you can point out right now. Har på seg is the here and now, one instance, "I can see her, she's wearing a skirt."


But the english sentence can also tell me, that she is wearing several skirts on another, then har på seg skjørt(pl) would be right, or not


why is skirts not plural in the norwegian translation?


The plural form is skjørt, like many other monosyllable neuter nouns. However this one has several legal forms, so skjørter would actually be a recognised spelling. Skjørt is by far the most common, though.


Is svigerinna mi also acceptable here? Is there a reason to use one or the other?


Certain dialects prefer one over the other. Having the possessive first was much more common in the Oslo region 30-40 years ago, but has seen a decline. In everyday speak I prefer "svigerinna mi" unless I want to emphasize the possessive, then I'd say "min svigerinne" (I use the masculine possessive for the indefinite form, even though I consider the noun a feminine, it is not considered a grammatical error.)


I found this sudden change to "gar in" confusing. No warning in the tips section.


never seen går i before this?


For a thorough discussion see also the comments for the Norwegian to English translation, https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/8795241 (34 comments at present)


I clicked "min svigerinne har på seg banan" even though I knew it was a wrong answer, but it was just too good!!


Svingerinne min har på seg skjorter is wrong because . . . it should be skjort? Or is it wrong for another reason? Is "går i" the only acceptable translation?


Maybe because skjorter is shirts, skjørter is skirts.


Anybody know the differences between “svigersøster” and “svigerinne”, like when do we use each?


How would I use bruker here?


Norwegian friend says this one is very weird. Should be "Min svigerinne går med skjørt".

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