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When is duolingo russian supposed to come out?!!?

When is duolingo russian supposed to come out? I have been waiting forevor and they keep delaying the release date for it. Does anyone have info on this?

October 20, 2015



assume never and then you'll be pleasantly surprised one day


Why is this in "German". Post this in "General" dude!!!


They are testing the TTS. It is one of the last things to do before the release.


I'm desperate already... I have my Russian exam in the end of November and it would be perfect if it's released on beta even in the beginning of november :/ waiting is the worst feeling ever, whether it's duolingo languages, girls or whatever :D


Then go pick up something more comprehensive?


I expect it in the first week of november at its latest.


According to Duolingo Incubator site, it's going to come out in the next few weeks, but there is no certain date of release yet, the bot that displays the date is very inaccurate.

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