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  5. "It is early in the morning."

"It is early in the morning."

Translation:Det er tidlig på morgenen.

October 20, 2015



Why it's [om] in [Vi spiser frokost om morgenen.], but here [på] is used instead?


I have entered "om" and it was accepted. I guess they have changed that.


Why can't I use formiddagen instead of morgenen?


For the same reason that evening and afternoon aren't the same. Morgen is earlier than formiddag


But English doesn't distinguish between 'morgen' and 'formiddag'. In this case 'formiddag' wouldn't work because it's "early in the morning", while 'formiddag' can't be early.


I thought "before noon" was formiddag ? And "after noon" ettermiddag.


Most of the (times) are approximates, and are often very loosely used.

'afternoon' = 'ettermiddag' (12-18)

'noon' = 'middag' (12) (archaic)

'forenoon' (archaic) = 'formiddag' (9-12)

'morning' = 'morgen' (6-9) + 'formiddag' (9-12)


I do not understand the following difference:

We are eating breakfast in the morning - Vi spiser frokost om morgenen

It is early in the morning - Det er tidlig på morgenen

It's "in the morning" in both sentences. One time the suggested answer is "om morgenen" and at the next sentence the suggested answer is "på morgenen".

This is very confusing for me. I can't see any difference at both "in the morning".


Unfortunately, I can't help you. I just wanted to let you know that I still have the same problems. It's just that one gets used to using certain prepositions in certain situations. When I talk to my teacher, I still have to guess a lot and he still corrects me a lot :D


Thank you anyway.

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