"Hast du eine Freundin?"

Translation:Do you have a girlfriend?

January 6, 2013

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Does Freundin necessarily have to mean girlfriend? Can it mean girl who is a friend instead? Ex/ It marked me wrong for writing "Do you have a girl friend?" saying that girl friend (with a space) was incorrect.


Freundin usually means girlfriend. "eine Freundin von mir" is a friend who is a girl.


A little thing to add, especially when you are practicing in the real world: When you say: "eine Freundin" people will know that she is just a friend. When you say "meine Freundin" they know it is your girlfriend


Really! I read that last week! People usually use the possessive adjective (meine) and the indefinite article (eine) to differentiate your girlfriend from the girl that is your friend. For instance, when you are introducing your girlfriend to someone, you say "Sie ist meine Freundin". If that girl was just a friend (not a girlfriend), you would say "Sie ist eine Freundin".


Can Freundin mean boyfriend also?

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Freundin is a feminine noun, it can mean both "female friend" and "girlfriend". Freund would be the male counterpart.

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