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  5. "Barene er åpne hele natten."

"Barene er åpne hele natten."

Translation:The bars are open all night.

October 20, 2015



Anyone else start typing "the children are open all night" and until you thought about it?


Sadly, I wrote it and got it wrong because it sounded exactly like Barna and it's been so long since the word "Barene" has been in a practice lesson, I forgot all about it. It certainly wasn't making any sense to me why the children were open all night! LOL To my ears, SO many Norsk words sound exactly the same, it's very frustrating!


Is there a noticeable difference in pronunciation of barnet and barene? Seems like Norwegians are always skipping the letter 'e' (middle one) when talking about defined plurals.


I think there's a subtle difference in emphasis? You hold the n longer in barene?


Which is ironic because in Norway they are not open whole night.. at least true in the city where I live now.


We must be talking about New Orleans ;)


Casino cities would be a better bet for all night bars, most bars in America close at 2am because we never recovered from prohibition. Even in California they won't sell you alcohol anywhere after 2am and from the bible belt all the way to at least Virginia you can't buy alcohol on Sunday, either.


Interesting. I've noticed similar rules in Ireland and Norway but was sure that they're the exceptions from the rest of the world :) In Poland you can buy alcohol 24/7 and I don't think the bars close before 6am.


Men er de, i Norge? Fordi har jeg hørt at alkohol er svært dyrt. Jeg synes at de ville tape penger.


Does 'barene' and 'barn' sound the same usually with Norwegian people? It sounds very similar here and it's quite important that I know the word 'barene'.


You certainly don't want to muddle up 'bars' and 'children'....!


Throughout = Over det hele /or/ Over hele


Why "The bars are open whole night" is not accepted?


You could say "The bars are open the whole night."


don't they close at 4am?


Actually is Norway they close at 2:00, which is quite early.


Sounds like children are open all night..


Open all night in Norway? Obviously not right now but normally?

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