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"Türkiye'nin nüfusu Almanya'dan yüksek değil."

Translation:The population of Turkey is not higher than Germany's.

October 21, 2015



Could you not translate yuksek as "greater" in this instance? Three is greater than two, not higher.


Doesn't it actually translate to "higher than Germany" instead of "higher than Germany's"? Is there a way to convey the genitive, with "Almanya'nından", for example?


Yes, it looks that way to me, and that would of course be a bit imprecise. But English is surely also imprecise sometimes, much as it may pain me : )

Couldn't we say "Türkiye'nin nüfusu Almanya'nın nüfusundan yüksek değil"? UPDATE: This wordier version is accepted too.


Can I say ".... Almany'danki...." ?


Shouldn't it be taller?


More people = a higher population

It is not talking about the people who live in Turkey having more body length than the people who live in Germany. It's just talking about numbers.


The way you are explaining it, LOL!


I would also say neither taller nor greater (which refers more to quality, not quantity) fits - but what is with bigger instead of higher?


Would it be appropriate to use 'daha' after yuksek?


You could use it before, but never after :)


Thanks! So from this example I assume you use a noun + ablative ending + adjective for making comparisons?


Yep. X'DAn (daha) Y :) Where X is a noun and Y is an adjective.


"Türkiye'nin nüfusu Almanya'dan yüksek değil." Translation: The population of Turkey is not higher than Germany's.

Turkeys population is not greater than Germanys.

Rejected answer. Reported as, "my answer should be accepted."


Hi, MrHilmi! It looks like your rejected version is missing some apostrophes. This might be why it didn't work. I just remembered that most punctuation marks are ignored when answers are evaluated. But I think there may be an exception when it comes to apostrophes.


Hello Todd

Turkey's population is not greater than Germany's.

I love your other correct Turkish answer above!

Thank you very much for making me revisit my answer.



I humbly request that you not make a big deal of it, MrHilmi! : )

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