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"Senin seyahat programını bilmiyorum."

Translation:I do not know your travel schedule.

October 21, 2015



Program - ın (your) - ı (noun compound). Right?


Nope, a noun can only ever have one possessive suffix on it and noun compounds are formed using a possessive suffix :) Basically, if you have possession on a noun with a noun compound, the suffix for the noun compound never shows up. :)

So: Program - ın (your) - ı (accusative)


Gezi and seyahat are they synonyms?


Not really, gezi has implications of a long distance, normally between far away cities or countries :)


hi in real English "plan" should be accepted. I do not know your travel plan or plans - yes there may be a specific word for plan but the real life translation of that would be "I do not know your travel plans". the literal is I don't know your travel program. But no one would say or write that in English BUT its not wrong as such


I always hear "travel plans"... travel schedule or travel program is a very formal way of putting what you are doing on holiday. could this be travel plans as well or would it have to be be different when said in turkish.


I would say "planlar" in that instance. The above sentence makes it sound like you are on a fixed schedule while your sentence sounds much more relaxed :)


Would "program" refer to train, plane, or bus schedules, or is another word used?


is the phrase "seyahat programını bilmiyorum" also correct, meaning "I don't know the travel program"?


That is correct, but we included the word "Senin" in the Turkish sentence, which clears up any ambiguity.


I do not know your travel plan should be accepted

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