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  5. "The cat is running there."

"The cat is running there."

Translation:Kedi oraya koşuyor.

October 21, 2015



Why is not possible "Şuraya kedi koşuyor" ? What is the difference between "Şuraya" and "Oraya"?


dude i am turkish i don't know the difference between them and i am not sure if there is one :) in daily conversations it doesn't matter. and if you are not thinking studying turkish literature i can easily say they're same. but "şuraya kedi koşuyor." is not a proper way. if you say sth like that probably everyone will understand what you wanted to say but it's grammatically wrong. in turkish sentences are like this: subject-object-verb. not like in english (subject-verb-object)


Teşekkür ederim!!!


It should be accepted and I am adding it, but these are different. "Şuraya" can only be used for 'old information' (not something new that you are bringing up in the conversation for the first time) and must be relatively close to the speaker (it is like the Portuguese "a esse lugar" sort of). "oraya" is for new information/for places that are further away from the speaker. (It is like the Portuguese "a aquele lugar").

Just to complete the comparision "buraya" would be most like "a este lugar." (assuming that is ok Portuguese :D)

Something important to note is that it is a little odd. It isn't grammatically incorrect per say, but it would take quite a context for it to be the best answer :)


Teşekkür ederim!!! Thank you!!! Obrigado!!! :)


I had the same question. Teşekkurler! Obrigada! Spanish and Wolof also have that distinction between different kinds of "there". It's a bit difficult for us English speakers.


My answer" Kedi şuraya kuşuyor" was accepted.


Can i use lokativ there? Kedi orada/şurada koşuyor. Because in the english sentance it doesnt say "she is running TO somewhere" though it wouldnt male sense to say "to there" in english


Yes you can use :) Translation will depend on context. For example if i ask "Where is the cat?" you can say "Look! It is running there." -Kedi nerede? -Bak! Kedi orada koşuyor.


Isn't a/e for action direction and DA for action place. What is the difference between these two sentence Kedi oraya koşuyor.
Kedi orada koşuyor.


The first one (oraya) would imply that the cat is running to that place.

The second (orada) implies that the cat is running at that place (For example, "The cat is running in the park")


Thank you! That's what I thought. I'm not a native English speaker. However, I think emphasizing "to" on the answer would be better.


It isn't needed (and in fact, is wrong). The English sentence is ambiguous in Turkish :)


What is the difference between "buraya" and "şuraya"?


"Şuraya" to describe a closer spot and places , "buraya" to describe much further spot and places


What is difference between burada and buraya?


Maybe, burada = in here (in this place) while buraya = to here (to this place) but I could be wrong. Cmiiw


I think that’s right too


I was not given the choice.


When do I use oraya instead of buraya?


Is it possible to add "doğru" her also? Or will it be redundant? "Kedi doğru oraya kuşuyor"...


Orada = at the place/there kediyi = The cat. Push your Finger on it. There is the answer: kediyi Kedi oraya koşuyor: bence doğru değil

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