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benefits of the chess

sometimes the people ask themselves , How I can get a Better Comprehension About a specific Topic? , how I can do it? these questions are difficult for to solve but no impossible .

Chess is an important game where you can Work Every Side of your mind like Creativity, Memory, Calculate Etc. Recent Reasearchs made About the importance of chess , it Said that the chess Helps you for develop your mind and prevent the alzheimer , the chess maybe can get To Slow cerebral aging .

the world Champion Magnus Carlsen is a Genius of chess , sometimes the people Called him The mozart of chess , He Learned the capital of each country in world Including Citizens, typical Food and Location at the age of thirteen.

October 21, 2015

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*He learned the capital of each country in the world, including the citizens, typical food and locations at the age of thirteen.


You are welcome. So you play chess?


Yeah! I was learning but did not continue.

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