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  5. "Atımız yine hasta."

"Atımız yine hasta."

Translation:Our horse is sick again.

October 21, 2015



can you say "Atimiz tekrar hasta"


Of course, and this is about as common as this sentence as well :)


Actually, you would be more accurate to word it as, "Atımız tekrar hastalandı".


take it as a benefit. you will catch up in English and learn Turkish. twice better. More over some Turkish people might be learning English trough Turkish and it would be unfair to allow them make the word order mistakes.


I wrote: "our horse is again ill" and it is not accepted. I guess, because of the word order. I am not a native speaker of English, but I have just found out, that even Mary Shelley wrote this: "I am again ill, as I was this morning". Yes, it might be a bit odd, but Duolingo should teach me Turkish constructions, not English word order. It should be accepted. I hate, when my "beat the clock" session fails because of such things.


Mary Shelly has been dead for over 160 years :) I am glad that you are familiar with her and her works though!

In today's English, it really would sound odd at best and it is something that really should not be accepted nowadays.


I, again, have to contradict. Sorry. Native people do say such sentences sometimes, even if they are a bit substandard. But Duolingo should not be an advocate of prescriptive grammar, rather the descriptive one. At least when it teaches another language, not English. It frustrates me when I know that I understood the Turkish sentence correctly, but I don't get my well-deserved point (or what's worse, I fail in the "beat the clock" session) because of that. While all sorts of typos are accepted: the other day I wrote "Greace is next to Turkey" and it was accepted. However, spelling Greece wrongly is a much bigger mistake than messing up the word order a bit, creating substandard sentences that completely make sense and NO native English speaker would correct them in real life, unless they're proofreading my academic papers... I deserve my XP points! :(


Why yine and not Tekrar or even daha?


What is the difference between yine ve tekrar?

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