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"Snedronningen havde et slot af is."

Translation:The snow queen had a castle of ice.

October 21, 2015



. . . of ice cream.


Let it gooooo. Let it goooooo


And now comes the golden owl! My second one. Of course I can't stop now. Tak duolingo. Tak venner.


Allmooossstt finisheed


Is there a real difference between a palace and a castle?


let me try to oversimplify without referencing the article. a palace is where royalty lives, focus on luxury. it is guarded, but not very much. a fort is for military purposes, it is heavily guarded and armed and serves as a defensive post. the number of forts depends on the territory and landscape. a castle is a palace with fort like features, the focus is on safekeeping of the royalty, luxury comes second. so basically a combination of the 2.

In car terms, a palace is a Rolls Royce, a fort is a Ferrari, and a castle is a Bmw/ Mercedes or Aston Martin.

P.s. just read the article after posting this comment, and wow.


Here you can read about the difference:


Also, in languages I speak (most not presented on DL) there are two separate words for the two notions. The difference must be of importance, at least must have been, at some point :)

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