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"Der Raum"

Translation:The room

January 6, 2013



What is the difference between Raum, Zimmer and Stube?


Raum is a homonym. It's either space or a room. There is no difference between Raum (room) and Zimmer in daily usage, although there is a formal difference: a Zimmer is a room designed for housing people (bedrooms, living room, etc.), while Raum (room) can describe other rooms, too. Bathroom, Kitchen, etc. Stube is a rural, but mostly archaic word for living room. Der Raum which translates to space is a whole different thing and part of some other words like Weltraum and Freiraum.


Raum is not really a homonym, it just has the sense of space in general as well as a room (a defined space or chamber, usually within a building).

Homonyms are two words with the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings origins. E.g., stalk is the main stem of a plant, but also the act of following or harassing.


yes, I think the deactivated user meant Raum and Zimmer are synonyms.


Correction: Homonyms either have the same spelling or the same pronunciation. Homonym is a broader term for either a homophone (sounds the same) or homograph (spelled the same). Etymologically, these words come from Greek bases. HOMO = same ONYM = name/word PHON = sound GRAPH = writing. So, both homophones and homographs are homonyms. Just wanted to clarify to avoid confusion.


Given the vast number of people who contribute and care deeply about their own field of expertise, I would expect that one of them would have by now corrected the Wikipedia article on homonyms which leads off with:

In linguistics, a homonym is a word that has different meanings. In the strict sense, one of a group of words that share the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings. Thus homonyms are simultaneously homographs (words that share the same spelling, regardless of their pronunciation) and homophones (words that share the same pronunciation, regardless of their spelling).

One would also expect the Wiktionary article (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/homonym#Noun) would also have been changed by now.

This illustration might help to illustrate: Venn

So, some (but not all) homophones are homonyms, and some (but not all) homographs are homonyms. There is not, however, complete overlap.


Wow, i've been speaking English my whole life and never knew you were supposed to pronounce 'the' differently before a vowel and before a consonant. I always thought it was just a personal preference thing.


You're right. But, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a homonym can also be:

one of two or more words spelled and pronounced alike but different in meaning (such as the noun quail and the verb quail)



"Raum" is also the word used for a "space" in the mathematical sense - "Vektorraum" (vector space), "metrischer Raum" (metric space) etc.

But I'm guessing you wouldn't use it for "space" as in "outer space" - that would be "Weltraum" - is that right?


what about Badezimmer? It uses Zimmer, and goes against your explanation. Just trying to understand ._.


Der Raum: starring Tommy Wiseau.


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I think there should be an easter egg here, in which "bad movie" is an acceptable translation of "Der Raum"


So, in English, "room" also has two meanings. It can be an area of a house (e.g. bathroom, living room, kitchen, ...) or it can mean "space" , as in "do you have room for my bag?"


if you are talking about the stars in the space would you use "raum"?


maybe not just "Raum" but "Weltraum" (outer space)?



What about space like out of space.


"Kein Platz mehr" literally "(There is) No space anymore"


Could someone give me a few examples using Raum.?


Lebensraum - living space, to expand into e.g. colonize or occupy. Bad connotations from 80 years ago.


Heute Morgen diese Raum ist voll. When you are trying enter a chat, you can not enter because is full.


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I wrote 'The room.' as my answer and was told it was wrong! What the.....!


Wie viel koste das Zimmer? When you are asking about the price of a room in a hotel. I think that Raum is not the same a Zimmer. for me Raum is a space. Please I need to clarify this concept.

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