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  5. "Quale treno va in centro?"

"Quale treno va in centro?"

Translation:Which train goes downtown?

November 14, 2013



I used the word centre. In the UK we do not use the term downtown. The usual term is the centre or the centre of town.


Exactly. I'm fed up with Americanisms being the only acceptable response, so complained and hope DL does something to allow "into the centre


I completely agree. English folk are NOT Americans.


Duolingo told me before that "centro" meant "core". I thought it was a little weird but I didn't mind it. Now when I write "Which train goes to the core?" as a translation of "Quale treno va in centro?" it says it's wrong. Get it together, Duolingo, I just lost a heart and it wasn't my fault.


UK English does not use the word downtown and it would be wrong as most people just wouldn't say that. Instead we use town/city centre. Why is this marked wrong?


"Downtown" also works for "in centro". My previous knowledge helped me here, so I can see how it could be confusing if they previously presented "centro" as just "core".


If 'downtown' is accepted (and apparently the preferred translation), 'city centre', as the British English equivalent, should also be - though I'm not sure I'd risk it on duolinguo!


"Downtown' is not an English expression


Knew that is what they meant but was afraid to get it wrong. I said "in the center".


Probably "center" is wrong, but maybe "city center" could be correct. I don't know if Duolingo would accept it.

Anyway, I don't understand why you would use the preposition "in".


Downtown is used when you say "Devo o vado in centro ( città )" Hope this help


I have no idea what 'core' in this context could possibly mean. It is not in common usage.

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