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  5. "Das ist meine Erziehung."

"Das ist meine Erziehung."

Translation:That is my upbringing.

November 14, 2013



What is the difference between Bildung, Ausbildung and Erziehung?

  • Bildung = general education (with the goal of having knowledge)

  • Ausbildung = apprenticeship, education for professions, educational training, instruction (with the goal of working in a profession, in a company)

  • Erziehung = education especially by the parents, nurture, upbringing (with the goal of children becoming "good" and independent adults in the future)


Danke sehr


Does this have the connotation of "learning good morals and values" and "good educational foundations" or can it just be the former?

Is there a specific term used for these Erziehung teachers? I'm thinking of them not just as your pruimary school teachers, but also religious -ex. Sunday School Teachers, Grandparents, in my case Librarians and coaches. Am i correct in this?


In Germany the Kita (Kindertagesst├Ątte) teachers are called der Erzieher/die Erzieherin. They are a combination of educator and caregiver.


Duo gives me the translation as "parenting" also, but when i translate it to: "This is my parenting" it is wrong...


By saying "this is my parenting" implies that you are the one doing the parenting.

meine Erziehung is when the parenting was done to you

Hope this helps


Besides Education; is there any other translation of Erziehung?


Depends on the context. Primarily it means "upbringing", as in the translation. Der Erzieher/die Erzieherin = paedagogue.


I said "That is my training" and it say it is wrong. Why?


May I suggest you to read the other comments here to clarify the differences in the verbs, they are good explanations.

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