Mad word decay

Dear Tatou

My French Plurals Irregular decayed tonight for (I think) the third time in a week.

  • I bypassed the original lesson with a shortcut test back in February
  • my French tree has been kept gold pretty much continuously since the spring
  • ALL the words showing in the app skill front screen as my weakest words are showing in the vocabulary list as full strength and recently practised, in ALL their forms (gateaux, oiseaux, cheveux, oeufs, animaux, vieux, genoux, bijoux, journaux)
  • I have practised this skill directly twice already in the last week, and I don't have any difficulties with it.

I fear this means that the change you made yesterday may not have got to the root of the early skill decay problem that was introduced with the most recent rewrite of the algorithm.


PS it may not be coincidence that the nine words listed above are the ONLY words that the vocabulary screen will display - it freezes with the twirling circle and will not show any others, no matter how long I leave it. They are all four bar, and all of them have been practised within last four weeks, including five of them within the last week (4 days, 5 days or 1 week ago)

November 14, 2013


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