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"La justicia en ese país es un fracaso."

Translation:The justice in that country is a failure.

November 14, 2013



nobody in English says "the justice"


Agreed also. La justicia = justice (in general) even with the la


Native English speakers would NOT say "the justice" to refer to the entire judicial system, which this sentence appears to mean. And justicia/justice is NOT synonymous with "the law" in either language.


In the US, we could say "the justice" to refer to one member of the Supreme Court, but that's the only case I know of. And that would be "el juez" in Spanish.


The dropping of the definitive article is frustrating. When should we drop it or not? This sentence, to an English speaker, seems the ideal place - particularly when you look at the concept being expressed1


Why is "The law is a failure in that country" not accepted?????


Sometimes what needs to be fixed is the Spanish and not the translation .. Here is I think a better phrase

"La organizacíon de justicia en ese país es una fracaso"


"La administracíon de justicia en ese país es una fracaso"

I see no point in splitting endless hairs worrying about how to translate bad Spanish and would like to see DL take suggestions not just on errors but on improvements as well


The law in that country is a failure


This sentence is talking about Spain heheh


I put the law and i got it wrong even though over the hover it said law


I am pasting my (correct) answer into this post. Today is May 23, 2019.

The justice in that country is a failure.

As you can see, my answer is exactly the same as the default solution to this exercise.

But Duo marked me wrong. Duo did not explain why my answer is marked wrong.


Definitely not the justice


Justice in that country is a failure - not accepted!

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