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  5. "Der Hund beißt den Mann."

"Der Hund beißt den Mann."

Translation:The dog is biting the man.

October 21, 2015



I remember a lesson from German class years ago, the teacher used this sentence as an example. It doesn't matter what order the nouns are in, the meaning stays the same as long as Hund is nominative and Mann is accusative. "Den Mann beißt der Hund" means "The dog bites the man." I don't think Germans use that sentence structure often, but it stood out to me and has been cemented into my mind all these years.


In Spanish if you want to change the word order you have to use prepositions to make it clear who is biting who, but also changes the tense and mood of the verb: "el perro muerde al hombre" "el hombre es mordido por el perro". It could also be: "al hombre lo muerde el perro." the last one could be used in poetry :p


Siempre me encantaban las lecciones de poesía española. I wish I could go back in time to those days :( Should have started learning German much earlier, too.. Pura vida


A prime example of metathesis!!!


Den Hund beißt der Mann


Mann: "Beißt dein Hund?" Frau: "Nein, mein Hund beißt nicht." Der Hund beißt den Mann. Mann: "Du sagtest, dass dein Hund nicht beißt!" Frau: "Das ist nicht mein Hund."


Isn't beißen dativ?


ich glaube es nicht, es ist doch klar, dass das im Akkusatif ist.


Es tut mir leid. Ich hatte es falsch. Dieser Youtuber hat mir bei diesem Thema geholfen. Danke.



i just want to report that in the ipad version, when i put "The dog is biting the man", the app says my answer is wrong and the correct answer is "The Man is biting the dog." And now on desktop version, it's the opposite. Now i know the answer on the ipad is a joke.

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