"Plasteret falt av i dusjen."

Translation:The band-aid fell off in the shower.

October 21, 2015

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I hate when that happens and the plaster is all wet on the floor.


The common word for band aid in the UK is plaster, and should be accepted.


Fun fact: Band-aid is a brand name by J&J company. They're actually adhesive bandages. But, in american we all just grew up calling them band-aids. We also call lip balm "chapstick" (which is another name brand).


It is intetesting how trade names become parts of languages . We were never allowed to use them at school. Nylon was one: which came from "New York and London". Hoover was another which I was forbidden to use and had to say the rather lengthy "suction cleaner".


Can plaster also mean a cast?


According to an online translator, plaster cast translates to "gips". Can a native/proficient speaker confirm/deny this?


Yes, they're called "gips" - which is also our name for the gypsum from which the plaster is made.

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