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progress does not seem to carry over when I switch language settings, cannot delete language, and streak question

I just tried out the Spanish to English tree by changing my language settings. When I am in the Spanish settings, I see that I have gained 14 points and learned 7 Words in English. It also shows my French and Spanish words. When I switch back to English language settings it shows me that I know 0 English words.

Somewhat related question: How are streaks affected by not practicing Spanish to English, but English to Spanish and English to French only? I am asking because I cannot seem to delete Spanish to English, the button to delete a language is not red, but remains white and cannot be clicked - I can only reset the course. If the course is reset would that mean I do not have to practice it to keep my overall streak?

A lot of questions - I know! Sorry about that. Thanks for your help. :)

November 15, 2013



You only have to earn coins in one language to keep your overall streak.

Example: You're doing Spanish - English, English - Spanish and English - French You practice each one for 2 days than on the third day you only practice English - French your overall streak continues. But your individual language streaks reset.


I have created a thread about the inability to delete English when learning it from other languages:


I've also had this issue and find it annoying.


I feared that too (streak-wise) , but I stopped practicing French at about day 20 and started with only german and italian. Thankfully, I did not lose my overall streak, but in my french streak was lost.

As for the coins that you don't seem to win, I have the same problem when learning English from German, but I just guess the Duo team has not found a way to integrate the integrate the spanish interface (german in my case) with the english one. Although this is inconvenient, you should have all your points when you go back to the Spanish interface.

And for not being able to delete your Spanish-English tree, I am guessing that since it is in the spanish interface, and the only language is english, deleting the English skill tree would be like deleting your account (thing you can't do because you have two other languages in your English interface), so once again: Failure to integrate Spanish and English interfaces play a role here... So you can just leave it like that and forget about it, it doesn't show anyway the U.S. flag, so it's practically as if you didn't have it.

I'm just guessing here, but I hope I helped you out :)


Thanks mickeytgl. Yes I was guessing the same thing for the most of these. And yes the coins are there when I log on to spanish to English. Just strange that is show s 0 in the other interface, but not really a big issue. I guess the integration was not initially intended, so it makes sense that it lags behind what users would like to have now. Well I might just every now and than practice spanish to english to get more sentences to translate in the other direction and won't care about that streak than :) thanks for your reply.


Glad I could help and awesome streak, by the way, congrats. ;)


Thanks - that's why I was concerned about accidentally loosing it haha :)

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