"Vi skriver."

Translation:We are writing.

October 21, 2015



'skriver' the way the word is written and spoken, reminds me a little bit of the word ''Escrever'' in Brazilian Portuguese that also means 'write' in English.


The Norwegian word is etymologically from the Latin scribere. I'd hazzard a guess that the Brazilian Portuguese word you mention has the same root. English has words like scribe and scrivener.


Italian has scrivere too. Amazing.


And Romanian has a scrie.


And french has écrire.


In spanish and french we say "escribir" and "écrire". Oh, we are really generous, how much love!


I can't understand it,how you write the verb in present and how you write it in present continuous??


Vi skriver is present and present contiunuos.


The way the word is spoken looks really like a italian


Back when I was learning Norsk in college, I remember our prof (a native speaker) taught us that one way Norwegian differs from English is a lesser use of participle phrases in present tense as a way of expressing the present and ongoing state of an a action. We were expected to translate "Vi skriver" as "We write". To express "We are writing" in Norwegian, we were taught "Vi stande og skriver." (I think I've got that right.) Thoughts?


Although the Norwegian present tense covers both the English present tense as well as the present continuous, you're right. There are constructions that emphasize an ongoing process the continuous form, e.g., Vi sitter og skriver. (We are writing.) Han står og lager mat. (He is cooking.) There is a whole Skill dedicated to that farther along in the tree.


How is the end skriver pronounced? The audio makes it sound like it ends with a "d"


No d- sound in the end. It's pronounced as it is written.

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    Correct IPA pronunciation is /skɾiːʋəɾ/.

    Click here to learn how these symbols should be pronounced. Follow this link to hear our own shieldmaiden @Deliciae pronouncing it on Forvo.


    Skriver is like "scrivere" in italian, which means the same thing

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