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"Jeg betaler med kredittkortet til foreldrene mine."

Translation:I am paying with my parents' credit card.

October 21, 2015



The tapping test lacks an apostrophe, so the possessive can't be indicated. - flagging this up here rather than reporting it, as it may be a structural issue that you can't do anything about.

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Also wanted to point that out, and none of the "report" buttons reflect inaccurate spelling/grammar in the English translation. Looks like it's the same mistake a year later, so no one has fixed it yet!


Missing apostrophes on plural possessives is a technical issue. Nothing we can fix, unfortunately.


They do have apostrophes now. They're there with the word we're looking for, so that works.


how could one say that "I am paying with credit card to my parents"? (paying off a loan or whatever)


The most natural, and arguably elegant, way of phrasing it would be:

"Jeg betaler foreldrene mine med kredittkort."

But you could also opt to just change an ending in the original sentence:

"Jeg betaler med kredittkort til foreldrene mine."


What's the most common way to structure this in every day Norwegian: "kredittkortet til foreldrene mine" or "mine foreldres kredittkort"?


Either is fine, really. I'd probably say "kredittkortet til foreldrene mine" or "foreldrene mines kredittkort".


Så det er ikke du som betaler ;)


Why isn't "I am paying by my parents' credit card" accepted? Is it because we need to give the literal translation for "med"?

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