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"Jeg betaler med kredittkortet til foreldrene mine."

Translation:I am paying with my parents' credit card.

October 21, 2015



The tapping test lacks an apostrophe, so the possessive can't be indicated. - flagging this up here rather than reporting it, as it may be a structural issue that you can't do anything about.


Also wanted to point that out, and none of the "report" buttons reflect inaccurate spelling/grammar in the English translation. Looks like it's the same mistake a year later, so no one has fixed it yet!


Missing apostrophes on plural possessives is a technical issue. Nothing we can fix, unfortunately.


how could one say that "I am paying with credit card to my parents"? (paying off a loan or whatever)


The most natural, and arguably elegant, way of phrasing it would be:

"Jeg betaler foreldrene mine med kredittkort."

But you could also opt to just change an ending in the original sentence:

"Jeg betaler med kredittkort til foreldrene mine."


What's the most common way to structure this in every day Norwegian: "kredittkortet til foreldrene mine" or "mine foreldres kredittkort"?


Either is fine, really. I'd probably say "kredittkortet til foreldrene mine" or "foreldrene mines kredittkort".

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