"No, para la poesía es una necesidad."

Translation:No, poetry is a necessity for me.

November 15, 2013



to me is also possible instead of for me..

June 10, 2014


If "la poesia" can be "the poem", why can't this sentence be "No, for me the poem is a necessity"? (The context could be editing a book or something.)

May 7, 2014


Sounds reasonable to me. Can a native speaker confirm?

February 5, 2015


Inconsistency again. In one of the previous sentences we had "poesía" without an article. In both cases the word has equally "general" meaning. I'm just getting desperate to see any system in this.

September 28, 2014


The suggested translation (android app here) was "No poetry is a necessity for me". It looks like one of those cases where the punctuation is a bit important..

May 1, 2016


Really should it be para mi? I thought it should be para me.

November 15, 2013


me is used when yo is the object of a verb, and it comes first. For example, "Tú me amas" ("You love me"). is used when yo is the object of a preposition, in this case para (for). In English, we use me for both.

December 2, 2013


¡Qué buena frase!

January 5, 2014


I left out the "no" so why is that wrong? Was I supposed to assume she was speaking to someone who asked a question?

November 16, 2014


"No, in my opinion poetry is necessary"

May 23, 2014


That was my translation. : ( Too bad!

January 19, 2015


I have learned that "mi" is possessive as in mi padre. Me pertains to myself but not possessive. I am confused as ever.

November 6, 2014


"Mi" is possessive, but "mí" (i.e. with the accent) is the equivalent of the English "me". The Spanish object pronoun "me" also refers to "myself".

November 23, 2014


¿Cuándo se debe usar "for" o "to"? Por ejemplo: "To me the poetry" o "For me the poetry". Gracias.

November 17, 2014


Thank you

November 17, 2014


mountainvistar3, I'm sorry, but I was not answering your question. I was also wondering. Greetings.

November 17, 2014


that's okay, I am so confused sometimes anything makes sense or not!

November 17, 2014


In English it would make much more sense in this situation to use "to." Reported.

November 23, 2014


Really? Thank you.

November 24, 2014


And the whole sentence rhymes in English... Lol

February 8, 2016


I'm not a native speaker of English, but I reckon it would be equally acceptable to write "to me" instead of "for me" in the context of this sentence. Can anyone comfirm that?

April 16, 2016


I spelled it neccesity by accident and they said it was wrong! Its a misspeling why does it not count

May 1, 2016


I could be wrong, but I believe they only count typos if you're within one letter. Because of the extra "c" and the missing "s", "neccesity" is wrong by two letters.

I'm with you, I think it should count, but it can be hard to draw the line, especially for a computer program. The best course of action with something like this is probably just to report it and see what happens.

May 1, 2016


Can para mi also be put at the end of the sentence?

May 1, 2016


"No, poetry, for me, is a necessity" should be accepted.

May 6, 2018
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