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  5. "Toutes ces frites pour moi ?"


"Toutes ces frites pour moi ?"

January 6, 2013



I think "All these fries are for me?" or more properly "Are all these fries for me?" woud work just as well, or am I missing something?


In real life, yes ; in Duolingo, no because you have to stick as close as possible to the sentence given for translation. Do not forget that the "professor" here is a software and cannot consider too many variants for one given sentence.

By the way, there is no verb in either of these sentences.


Ah thank you, I do know that duolingo is machine driven. Thanks for clarifying. I was just curious because it was asked in the form of a question ;).


There's no verb in the original sentence.


Yeah, I realise that now, as Sitesurf previously said, I fell into a translation muddle. More to the point in a proper question in English you require an auxiliary verb so I added it in.

It's not word for word translation but my sentence definitely has the same sense. I do however understand why it wasn't accepted.


I omitted 'usually' ... in English you 'usually' require.... hangs head in shame.


"All of these fries for me?" is also valid.

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