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  5. "O escritor recém chegou."

"O escritor recém chegou."

Translation:The writer just arrived.

October 22, 2015



The writer recently arrived.

JUST é justamente, neste momento, exatamente; quase, quase que não, mais ou menos; somente, simplesmente; dificilmente; precisamente.


For me it sounds totally unnatural. "O escritor acabou de chegar" is the way we say it.


It's a regionalism from Southern Brazil (our previous main course creator, Ker, was from Porto Alegre-RS).


I see. I've never heard of that before :S


Me neither (until I started commenting here on Duolingo), and that seems to be just as generalized among Brazilians. Here's a very thorough explanation about it: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4176500

P.S. We'll change these sentences to their more common alternatives as soon as possible. There's no point in teaching something that's essentially a "Gaucho" regionalism as the most common "Portuguese" way of phrasing this (the fact that "acabar de" is used on both sides of the Atlantic is also a big factor).

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That was two years ago. The sentences still need to be changed.


@Paulenrique, based on what you said, "O escritor acabou de chegar" = "O escritor recém chegou"?

Any difference between "acabou de" and "recém" except (I think...) the former is a phrasal verb and the latter is an adverb?

Thanks. 08/03/2017


"acabar de" is much more common. "recém + verb" is used only in few regions.


What us the difference between "recem" and "ja" ?

  • O escrtor recém chegou = common in the south region of Brazil
  • O escritou acabou de chegar = common in the rest of Brazil


Both are adverbs but used in different cases. "Recém" is a contraction of "recente" (recent) used to tell about something that has just happened. Eg. "Recém-casado" = 'just married'.

"" means 'now', 'immediately' or used as a conjunction. Eg. "Saia já daqui!" = 'Get out of here now!' or "Ele é legal, já seu irmão, não." = 'He's cool, but not his brother.'

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