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  5. "No, not flowers."

"No, not flowers."

Translation:Nein, Blumen nicht.

January 6, 2013



Should this not be "Nein, keine Blumen"....?


Just curious, but wouldn't Keine be used if there was an article (a or an) before Blumen?

for example: an apple = Ein Apfel, not an apple = Kein Apfel.

because there was no article before Blumen, Keine could have no place.


Afaik, 'keine' = 'nicht eine', so that will be 'no, not a flower', small difference.


This must be "Nein, keine Blumen" because you are negating a noun not a verb.


Exactly, and it says this in the lesson tips too. LATER oh it says this in the tips of the lesson for grammar 2 which is another two steps on. I knew I had read it somewhere.

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