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Spanish for Norwegians??

I have finished my norwegian tree for english speakers, I can understand the reverse tree not very interesting as norwegians already speak english.

But as a native spanish speaker, the Spanish for Norwegians would work for me. And I know there are a big interest on norwegians to learn spanish. Actually is the most chosen language in the videregående (high school) as a third language (should I say second as english is mandatory).

As a norwegian learner I cannot lead such a thing, but for sure I would be willing to help. :)

October 22, 2015



While it would be nice to have language courses in every languages, I doubt we'll ever see any language courses in Norwegian here. One of the issues here is that most Norwegians speak excellent English, so they can just as easily start out from English for any of the languages.


A spanish for norwegians tree would be pretty epic for laddering and such. I would also love a russian for ukrainian speakers course.


Kids learn English early, already in primary school. Learning Spanish using English as base language has a positive aspect: They also learn English. All they need is a bit follow-up, be there to answer what ever question they have in grammar.

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