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A New Appreciation for Speaking

Learning German has given me an entirely new appreciation for the English language... and not just the fact that we don't have confusing genders or cases or freaking adjective conjugations. Sometimes in the battlefield trenches of trying to learn another language, I look back to my native tongue and marvel at the ease and effortlessness with which I and everybody around me can speak, write and understand it. I might still have to think about what I'm trying to communicate but I very rarely have to think about how to communicate it.

I have lately found enjoyment in just listening to other people speak and even listening to myself speak. I am sometimes amazed by simple sentences when I think about how difficult they might be to learn. I feel youthful exuberance trying to remember the German names of things around me and I construct silly phrases about my lunch like I was 4 years old again. I never thought learning a language could bring so much joy!

German is really hard and I envy the natural speakers every time I hear them speak in the same way that I might envy a professional musician's abilities at a concert. I find motivation though in the idea that somewhere over in Deutschland, somebody is straining to learn to do what comes naturally to me just as hard as I am straining to learn to do what comes naturally to them. It's a funny world.

Keep achieving my friends.

October 22, 2015



Great that you are making the effort of learning a foreign language in the first place - and thus also trying to get in touch with a foreign country, as you will only really immerse into a place once you understand the people talking and once you can converse with them.

That being said, German is indeed a hard language if you have not learned another in your life yet, and even though as a native English speaker you have the advantage of massive shared vocabulary, the grammatic structure of German is certainly more complex than that of English and also e.g. most romanic idioms. This situation has both advantages and downsides - while English is rather simple to learn and communicate in, it lacks the expressive power and depth of e.g. German or Italian - languages that have preserved a rich and versatile grammar and syntax. As a German, I appreciate the simplicity of the English language, as it makes me capable of talking to peope all over the world and they, in turn, can express their thoughts easily and straightforward as well. In fact, I'd say we over here do not struggle so much with English - it is just in its nature not to be that difficult to learn!

So ask if you need something explained. Good luck with your studies and keep going, after some time the unusual structures of a foreign language will get stuck in your brain automatically, at least from my experience.


Ry, you communicate your feellings and thoughts in a very interesting way. Reflection about your experience with German adds knowledge to the subject. I find that learning a new language, is a very exciting experience from the very bengining of the process. Apart from that, as Mia Nacamulli says "knowing more than one language keeps your brain healthy, complex and actively engaged ". I have been learning foreign languages since many years ago, and this activity turns to a habit for me, just like a positive addiction I can't leave.


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