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"L'agricoltura cresce grazie al caldo."

Translation:The agriculture grows thanks to the heat.

November 15, 2013



Agriculture: the science or practice of farming

Agriculture does not grow because of heat. Crops do. Does this sentence actually make sense in Italian?


"agriculture flourishes thanks to the heat" might be better but DL rejects it. I report.


Or "increases", no?


No, "agriculture" does not "increase." That would be equally horrible English. "Agricultural production" could increase, but not "agriculture."


I went with this as more sensible, but also got dinged.


This is DL reminding you not to try to be clever. I find staying close to the literal avoids the dings, even if the sentence doesn't make any sense in any real life situation ever encountered by anyone ever.


the dings help us all find the limits. embrace them.


Agriculture increases thanks to the heat = accepted Dec 2019.


No, "agriculture" does not "increase." That would be equally horrible English. "Agricultural production" could increase, but not "agriculture."


It is accepted


This sentence is abominable English, and still is not corrected four years later. Or rather it is not English.

No one would ever say this in English. Instead we would say either “crops grow because of heat” (which I submitted and it rejected), or “agriculture flourishes due to heat.”Agricultur dois s not grow. No, no, no. No...and again, no.


In Italian this makes absolutely sense.

But I found a similar phrase in English too, here: http://www.wri.org/blog/2013/10/one-quarter-world%E2%80%99s-agriculture-grows-highly-water-stressed-areas


In your example "grows" has a different meaning. In that context the business of Agriculture is expanding i.e. doing well,


Sorry but different meaning compared with what? Duo doesn't give the context. Who knows which is the context the sentence is taken from? If you find a right context, the sentence works. This is always the trick with Duo's sentences.


In any context of business growth, “X grows because of heat” is nonsensical. A physical crop can grow due to heat. Or a business can grow due to economic and social factors. But a business does not grow due to heat, like a vine.


Unless that business has a product that relies on heat, in which case increased heat will lead to the flourishing and growth of that business.


Sorry if it was not clear, I meant in the context of the article that you referred to via hyperlink 'grows' would seem to mean expand/ is doing well, this appeared to me to have a different meaning from some of the other options put forward on the thread, like flourish or physically grow like a flower.
I agree context can change meaning


Of course they are different meanings. But many words have different meanings, and you have to choose the right one. Sometimes there is only one, sometimes more meanings for different contexts. Because it seems from some comments that the sentence never can work, I've proposed a context where it does.


baggiemews you are mistaken.. this link doesn't refer to businesses. silen03 is correct. agriculture in this article means crops as is stated repeatedly in the article. replace agriculture in the title with "crops" and "businesses" and see which makes sense. it means exactly what duo used it to mean. duo could have used a better noun as the subject (colture, raccolti) to be clear.


Not so. It says agriculture grows in water stressed areas. Exactly the same meaning as the DL sentence.


Probably written by DL!


Probably written by an agricultural engineer who knows neither Italian nor English.


Not literally, but if crops grow, agriculture does as well... I anyway agree that I would have preferred something that makes more sense.


"Agricoltura" can be used as "agriculture industry". I thought that "agriculture" could be used with the same, broader meaning.


agriculture grows like industry grows, and it could be due to warming


There is more agriculture in warm countries than in cold countries, no? Therefore, heat helps agriculture grow.


No, it is nonsense and still there after 4 years.


I'm not sure about English, but in my language, the plural can be used as a more scientific term for various crops


in English (US) agriculture refers to the business, study or actual farming. I think we can't say that it never means crops but that usage would be very rare and definitely regional or even smaller geographic units. there is a reference by silen03 near the top of this page where 'agriculture' (English) does refer to crops but only as all crops not just wheat or corn or cotton or soy. this meaning brings it somewhere between 'business' and 'crops'.


I put crops but duolingo keeps wanting us to translate using their word use. It is time they woke up to your comment!


I don't get why people don't like this sentence. It literally says that agricoltura stands for farming as well. The way I see it this means it's the whole practice/science/scientific experiments/arable lands/machinery/national product/infrastructure etc. etc. Stop thinking in English. Other languages are not so strict and/or words don't always "carry over". It's like saying "Homeland Security (or say Defense) is strengthened/tightened because of international tensions". How would you feel about this sentence as an English learner. Does this mean that policemen are doing push-ups in their backyard or something or that people spend money in alarms or electrocuting fences? Just saying. Don't be restricted by what you think the word means, you have to be open and re-interpret. Don't always question the "messenger (Duo)", rather accept the message for what it is and carry on.

What is important here is that I think this argument is one "forged" by sceptics of global warming (sponsored by oil magnates). They do tend to try to spread false/mischievous arguments like this so that people would think that global warming may have some upsides to it. "Agricultural output grows thanks to the heat" (the "extra" heat) so don't be afraid people, global warming is good, you'll have more food available because of it.


I can't speak on the Italian sentence, but in English there are better ways of articulating whatever this sentence is trying to communicate.

The problem with saying "Agriculture grows..." is that it's vague and ambiguous. Do they mean as an industry, in terms of production, or in terms of the plants themselves growing?

The word "grows" is probably the most vague word you could use in this context.

"Agriculture increases..." is probably better, and it was accepted for me, but even that isn't ideal.

Context would only help a little, unless you change the actual sentence:

"The agriculture industry grows..."

The crops grow..."

The crop yield grows..."


Actually it is the increased levels of CO2 that cause a increase in growth. But this is irrelevant, the fact is DL's sentence is meaningless in English.


Nonsense. Timothycosta is perfectly correct, agriculture does not grow because of heat, unless you are a drunken Tzotzil in ancient Mayan culture.


If this is a valid sentence in Italian, I wonder if agricoltura can be translated as crops.


I think you are right and it explains why Italian speakers find it OK.. but agriculture is an abstract word in English and it can't grow (with or without the heat!)


People are getting really emotional over this sentence... all I want to know is, according to a native speaker, what does this mean in Italian? The industry is growing or crops are growing?


Notice that agriculture in English is agricoltura in Italian, while the word cultura exists too! It's because culture in English (and same for French, whence English got it) can translate either as coltura or cultura depending on the meaning. It's useful to remember that for related words: agricoltore, but evento culturale.


Some of these sentences are so convoluted it is difficult to understand what they want for an answer.


The correct translation that actually showed up was: "The farming grows...." It is a ridiculous translation. So is "The agriculture grows...." This is not English. I used "crop" though it could also have been the plural "crops."


Four years and still wrong. No English speaker would say this. It is 100% incorrect. It should be "the crops grow thanks to the heat"


Seriously, who is in charge of forming these sentences?


Possibly Monolingo?


Lol...good one. Duo translations like this make is clear that a monolingual Italian speaker falsely believes that he knows English, and Duo relies on him rather than on an educated native speaker of English.


This mis-translation makes me very sad, and I wish DL would fix it. The crops are growing. Not "the agriculture."


Incorrect use of English. Should be crops grow


It doesn't matter if some people say that agriculture grows. It is incorrect! If we are supposed to be learning languages, then it has to make sense and be grammatically correct. Agriculture or farming does not grow, crops do. The only way one can use those 2 words in the same sentence may be "the interest in agriculture is growing or the agricultural industry is growing ........


Even the phrase "thanks to the heat" is weird.


Correct! But DL doesn't accept it. Maybe the dev team is writing the questions :)


I was careful to translate literally, but agree "agriculture" should be "crops" and heat should be "warmth". I didn't feel like being dinged this time, so don't know if they would have been accepted.


I think it would read better in English as " Agricultural crops grow thanks to the heat". For a native English speaker the suggested translation is wrong and ugly.


this really should translate as "the crops grow" .. little else makes sense


The "correct" English answer is an abomination. No semi-intelligent English native speaker would have programmed such an answer into Duo, so after years of this sort of thing, Duo is clearly not interested in making use of such aforementioned people. We have six years of constructive criticism below, all to no avail.


It refuses my answer and gives me the correct avswer which is identical to mine


This is why I don't like hearts. I would happily have tried some alternative translations, better English and then also reviewed comments but this is very limiting losing hearts. And am losing heart. Nearly through 4 but also was level 5 quite a way through before it changed. Did all leve1 then 2 then 3 then 4 and 5 each topic from start till it changed. Not sure will complete 5 now


Since DL's business plan ultimately rests on our doing useful translations for it, it should encourage useful translations in its lessons. This is just a screw up. They should admit it.


Some people do use the word agriculture to refer to the product of agriculture (crops). It might not be technically correct but it is used that way in parts of the US


No, it can't. "crescere" means to grow, to increase and also to age. So, in this case it means that agriculture is increasing. It does not refer to the plants growing.


Should be "crops". Sentence doesn't make sense unless it refers to an increase of the number of farms and fields in cultivation.

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