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  5. "La cuenta, por favor."

"La cuenta, por favor."

Translation:The check, please.

January 6, 2013

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I think "The bill, please" should be acceptable in the English translation. As far as I know, only we Americans use the word "check" in this context, though it would be understood in the UK, etc.


"The bill, please" is accepted (Jun 18, 2015).


I feel like this sentence should go a LOT earlier in the tree, like in the "Phrases" unit. It was one of the most useful phrases for me to know after arriving in Spain.


More useful: "Mi amigo va a pagar."


The German lessons had an early sentence that I love. "Sofern du bezahlst, trinke ich." -> "As long as you are paying, I am drinking."


Is this a polite way of asking for the bill? My Mexican friend always says "me puedes dar la cuenta, por favor?" (if I remember correctly).


to say "the count, please" is not unusual when there is an election, or figuring out how many items there are ...


the second most important sentence after "donde está el baño?" :-)

https://www.duolingo.com/profile/Michel-Ange Chevry

I said "The tab, please." The "tab" is the "bill."


oh....cuento is story and cuenta is chec...ok


The correct answer seems idiomatic, and I think that "The count, please" would be a completely reasonable thing to say.


If you asked someone in English for "the count, please," they would have no idea what you were talking about. A smart waiter or waitress might figure out what you wanted in the context of having just eaten a meal or having some drinks, but "the count" has nothing to do with either "the bill" (typically in the UK) or "the check" (typically in the US).


I would use 'the bill, please', 'check' is american, but i have look up in the dictionay and count seems to be wrong. what meaning are you thinking for this sentence?.


Maybe at an election, if someone was asking for the numbers of votes, or as we call it in England (I don't know about elsewhere) "the count".


I entered 'the bill please' it was correct.

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