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"Jeg vet hva du leste forrige sommer..."

Translation:I know what you read last summer...

October 22, 2015



have I ever mentioned that I am officially in love with Norwegian team? Oh, I just did.


We love you too.

Almost as much as we love pop culture references.


on a more serious note, Norwegian is my first Dl course so I cannot really compare it to anything, but I can definitely say that the plank is set really, really high now. Keep up the good work! (and thank you for all your endless patience when you explain every little bit in comment section)


You're too kind, thank you. :)

Fortunately every course has its own personality. We enjoy a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing which skills, words, and sentences to add.


this freedom is visible! Actually Dl is the only online languange course that actually made me learn something (and not support/refresh the knowledge or quit after a couple of days) - it's so vivid and intense that it becomes not "learning" but "having fun". Seems you guys are having fun too, so it's mutual :D

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