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  5. "Hvem kjøper boken?"

"Hvem kjøper boken?"

Translation:Who is buying the book?

October 22, 2015



Kj sounds like a k sound but ur tongue is touching y in the meanwhile. I noticed norsk pronounces alot of sounds by touching y and moving to a k or sh or h. So keep ur tongue around y forever.


Wow I think this is the best discription I've found lol I found someone's comment saying it was like the German "ich" and that's how I figured it out, but no one explained the shape of the sound quite so eloquently as you've done. Thank you!


Why does kjoper sound like shepred?


It does not sound like anywhere near a Norwegian sj- sound here. You have to get used to the kj-sound in Norwegian or you will struggle to speak correctly.


To me it sounds like "sherper" (sher, like sherbert), which makes me think of shopper in English.


Because you're unfamiliar with the sound. It's more like the 'ch' in German 'München' for reference.


Sort of, yeah. Except it's more frontal. Like you place your tongue behind your teeth and do an "sh" sound.


Wouldnt that be more of a "th" if you place your tongue behind your teeth?


no, that would be directly below your teeth

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