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"Nosotros vamos a la escuela porque queremos aprender."

Translation:We go to school because we want to learn.

November 15, 2013



"We are going to school because we want to learn"

does "vamos a" no longer mean "we are going to"? I understand that "estamos ir a" works also but there were whole lessons where every sentence was "vamos a" for "we are going to"


Ir a + infinitive = we are going to do something. In this sentence, there is no infinitive following 'ir a,' but a noun (la escuela). Vamos a escuela = we go to school. Vamos a incendiar la escuela = We are going to burn down the school. ;)


No, that is something different. In english it seems like we have both a phrasal future "We are going to do X" and a present ongoing tense of "go" meaning "we are going". These are separate things. I don't think Sean is trying to form the phrasal future here, but rather use the present ongoing tense. We've seen elsewhere that both simple present and present ongoing map to present tense in Spanish, so "we are going to school" should be an accepted translation, although there may be other reasons why this is not a good translation.


"Vamos a" means either "we go to" or "we are going to..."


I thought that queremos could mean either we want OR we wish. Am I wrong? DL think so.


"Querer" means "to want, to love, like, be fond of, try. to mean".

"No sé si quisiste ofenderme pero lo lograste." (I don't know if you meant to offend me but you did.)

"Hace años que quiero ir a París, pero es demasiado caro." (I've been trying to go to Paris for years, but it's too expensive.)



I wrote "we are going to the school because we want to learn" - marked incorrect - " guess I should have just written "school" - thanks


what does vamonos


The voice pronounced 'queremos' so it sounded like 'kraymos'.


"We go to school because we love to learn" was marked as incorrect. I was testing to see if the "love" definition of querer might apply in this case. Apparently it doesn't. But I'll report it anyway, just for the heck and confusion of it.

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