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  5. "Jeg møtte aldri noen av dem."

"Jeg møtte aldri noen av dem."

Translation:I never met any of them.

October 22, 2015



How would you say, "I never met some of them?"


I am not sure but maybe this could be used: " Jeg møtte aldri med noen av dem. "


you could not, because that doesn't make sense. In negative sentences you use any, not some.


It does make sense, it implies that you met some of them but not all of them. I'm not sure how to translate it to Norwegian but I wonder whether you could do it by changing the word order e.g. "Noen av dem møtte jeg aldri"?


It might make sense, but you'll rarely, if ever, hear it in English. It would usually be stated like this: I only met some of them.


Oh, I got your point, you mean something like "some of them I haven't met yet/up to now". But I still think these circumscriptions are more natural than using "never". And maybe the same holds in Norwegian, though your last suggestion could ba a possible solution. But even there perhaps something like ikke ennaa may be better. But perhaps that could better be answered by some Nofrwegian native speaker.


Å møtte - møtter, møtte, hadde møtt. Er det riktig?


Close. "Å møte, møter, møtte, hadde møtt."


Det var rask; takk Grydolva xx


Oh, and it should be "raskt", it need a neuter ending because of "det".


Bare hyggelig :)

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Until this sentence, "å møte" has always been used in the sense of "to come into the presence of someone". Here it seems more like a second meaning in English, "to become acquainted with, to see and speak with for the first time." Does "å møte" also have this meaning?


it directly translates to "to meet", which as well may have both of these connotations, depending on the context.


Shouldn't present perfect be used in this sentence?


See my comment below - there are contexts where the simple past makes sense. Since the Norwegian sentence is in the simple past the English translation needs to be as well.


I would not consider 'I never met any of them' to be grammatically correct. Is it 'I have never met any of them' or 'I didn't meet any of them'?


"I never met any of them" makes sense in certain contexts e.g. "Some Norwegians went to my school, but I never met any of them"


Your suggestions translates back to Jeg har aldri møtt noen av dem and Jeg møtte ikke noen av dem

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