"Jeg er vennlig mot henne."

Translation:I'm friendly towards her.

October 22, 2015

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But she isent to me :-(


Does "med henne" work here?


The more I think about this, the more difficult it becomes! Here are my two cents: You would be understood if you said "vennlig med henne", but it does sound a bit strange to me. If you want to describe a way of acting directly towards a person, then "mot" would probably be the better option. "Jeg er snill/slem/likegyldig mot henne" (I'm kind/mean/indifferent towards her). "Hvordan oppfører du deg mot han?" (How are you behaving towards him?) If you use "med" instead in this sentence, the meaning changes slightly. "Hvordan oppfører du deg (når du er) med han?" (How are you behaving when (you are) with him?)

However, you could use "med" when reflecting over how you're handling/treating her. "Jeg er forsiktig med henne" (I'm careful with her). This could also mean that you're acting carefully when you're around her, not just towards her. "Med" can also be used when ordering others to behave a certain way towards someone. "Vær snill med henne!" (Be kind to her!), here "mot" would also work: "Vær snill mot henne!" (Be kind towards her!)

Moral of the story: "Mot" is the safer bet when describing how you're treating someone. "Med" can also be used in some situations, but be aware that this could change the meaning slightly to be more about how you're acting yourself - not necessarily towards someone.


Wow. Thanks for the detailed answer.:)


No problem:) Got a bit carried away..!


Congratulations, you've given one of the best answers I've seen on Duolingo so far.


Wow, thank you! This made my day:)


riktig ''wow''! X ) tusen takk, vildand!

ich vesuchte mit ''riktig'' ''wirklich'' zu sagen. Sollte ich vieleicht ''trolig'' sagen? Takk im Voraus! lol XD ...also, jetzt muss ich auch nachfragen - wie ich im Voraus på norsk sage? Mange takk! : )


I'd say it's roughly the same in English--certainly when describing how we are "to" or "toward(s)" someone.


Isent mot against?


"Mot" can mean both "against" and "toward(s)", so you have to look at the context and pick the preposition that sounds the most natural in English.


My issue is that 'I am friendly towards her' sounds like rather clunky English to me. I think 'I am friends with her' sounds more natural.


You lose a bit of nuance that way; many people spend the better part of their work day being friendly towards people they don't know at all.


any reason "against" is not applying to mot this time?


You have the hots for her


I swear I can hear the audio saying "hunne", instead of "henne"


I am friendly wit her?


I meant to write 'mot' vut misspelled it as 'møt' and still got it right. Are these equivalent spellings for the same meaning that we can use interchangeably?


MØT is the imperative form of the verb "(Å) MØTE" [= to meat]. Your mistake was considered by Duo as a typo.


Does TIL HENNE work here?


Yes, but does her pretty wife know?

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