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Hygge and hyggelig in Norwegian and Swedish

There is a very nice Danish word "hygge" which means something like "cozy" or "home-like warmth". But is often used in Norwegian and Swedish too?

I am a bit confused as I heard that in Norwegian we rather say "kos" and "koselig" but still one Duo exercise was "Ha en hyggelig kveld". So maybe it is used but has a slightly different meaning?

October 22, 2015



Hyggelig generally means nice or pleasant, so the sentence would translate to "Have a nice/pleasant evening."


The noun "hygge" and the adjective "hyggelig" are certainly words in Norwegian, and they're both quite commonly used. They are almost perfectly equivalent in meaning to "kos" and "koselig".


And does it mean the same thing as the Danish hygge, I mean the "coziness, home-warmth, togetherness, hot chocolate with marshmallows and a cat and a book on a rainy autumn day, etc."?


Yes, that's correct. :-)


I think in Norwegian hyggelig used as word means nice/ beautiful/ cozy. And Hygge means cosiness too like in Danish Language/ And you know Norway and Denmark were together for many centures.. so it's their common word!!! and common meaning! and... I found the awesome book about it -- Hygge by Danish Happiness Research Institute! I recomend!)) there are many recepies of hapiness, cosiness, home-warmth etc))


I think that "hygge" is only a Danish word, and doesn't really have a connection to "hyggelig" which means nice or pleasant. "Hygge" means 'cozy togetherness' and not just cozy. I doubt there is a Norwegian or Swedish equivalent, but I may be wrong.


You have koselig in Norwegian.


It means 'cozy' but not 'cozy togetherness'. I suppose it would be the closest thing.


It means both cozy and cozy togetherness. The difference is the adjective and noun forms.


'hygge' is a word in Norwegian, but it's not a common one.

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