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"Preferisco i treni agli autobus."

Translation:I prefer trains to buses.

November 15, 2013



I am just curious about this sentence. I can imagine it being a correct translation of the English both with and without the definite artilcle and with either singular or plural form.


In Italian, you could use the singular for "treni" and "autobus"; the meaning wouldn't change (but it would be less literal, since it's plural in English):

  • "Preferisco i treni agli autobus."
  • "Preferisco il treno all'autobus."

By the way, I feel you need the article in Italian in either case.


Actually, I realized I made a small mistake in that in English for some reason you would always need the definite article in the singular, though not in plural.


i prefer trains rather than buses - is this correct in English ? should it be accepted here? any native to answer this? Thanks


'I prefer trains rather than buses' is fine. When speaking, it might be better to say 'I prefer to take the train' or 'prefer to take trains'.


I don't believe so. This would normally be the singular of both


I have been corrected to ' I prefer the trains to the buses'. That would not be said in British English. We wouldn't use articles.


"I prefer trains to the bus" was rejected...


That would probably be because autobus was plural here. Agli autobus to the buses. Either have train and bus singular or both plural but don't mix and match.

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