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"Ich möchte, dass du ein Lehrer wirst."

Translation:I want you to become a teacher.

November 15, 2013



"Ich möchte, dass du Lehrer wirst" would be equally correct, you can say both.


Would one usually use "ein Lehrer" here? I know one would usually say "Ich bin Lehrer" rather than "Ich bin ein Lehrer", but would this also apply in a sentence like this?


here "Ich möchte, dass du Lehrer wirst." is the better sencence (no article before professions)


How about " Ich will, dass du Lehrer wirst." Is not "Ich möcht" better translated as I would like?


'ich möchte' = I would like; 'ich will' = I want?


Why is this not einen?


FatAlan is correct. Some verbs use the nominative. You would say "Er ist ein Lehrer" (He is a teacher) and "werden" also works this way so "Er wird ein Lehrer" (He becomes a teacher). Here is a list of verbs that take the "Nominativ": http://longua.org/verbenmitnominativ.php

There is, of course, a preference in German when stating careers to leave the article out altogether as commented above, so "Er ist Lehrer" is preferred over "Er ist ein Lehrer", etc.


I would like to know this as well. I'm not sure, but I think it might have something to do with the verb 'werden'.


I have a feeling it is nominative, but a solid response from an expert might clear this up better


I translated It as " I wish you were a teacher". It was incorrect. Why?


What is the meaning of "dass " in this sentence? I want that you become a teacher really doesn't make much sense to me. Or is it just something that doesn't translate word to word from German to English?

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