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Impossible to Delete Languages under a different interface - Help!

I recently tried out English from French just to see what it was like. However, I now cannot delete it. It also shows up in the iPad app that I am 'Learning English and 2 others' which is somewhat annoying.

When I try to delete English, it is not visible in the interface in English and in the French interface, the delete button is not able to be pressed.

I believe this is due to the fact that Duolingo thinks I am only learning English since the interfaces are isolated.

I know all the staff are really busy with the incubator just now but I would really appreciate a fix for this so you can completely delete English (especially with the new incubator course just out and people will not be able to delete it if they want to). This issue was mentioned here:

Possibly, if you delete your only language in that interface, it could go back to 'select the language you want to learn' (as in what happens when you first set up an account and have filled in your details). Thank you very much!

November 15, 2013


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