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  5. "A sopa ferve."

"A sopa ferve."

Translation:The soup boils.

November 15, 2013



Does this sound right? I would never say "the soup boils" in English?


The Portuguese present tense can translate the English present continuous so, as you suspected a better translation would be "The soup is boiling". Duolingo tends to stick to more literal translations and would probably keep that translation for "A sopa está fervendo".


You would, especially if you were taking habitually, e.g., "The soup (always) boils; deal with it."

Additionally: "I'll hurry up with the vegetables before the soup boils."


Thank you for your examples those are possibilities. and I guess I will Deal with it?


Haha, I hope that didn't sound like I was saying that to you! I just wanted to add context.

I'm a linguistics student, and we often have to come up with example sentences for things we think we wouldn't say and realize we do or at least would. It's pretty natural to think something doesn't make sense out of context.


Understand, as there are layers of language the more you learn the deeper you get and the bigger the vocabulary the more variations a complexities to how one can speak. I am thinking that as one is commencing to learning a language those complexities should be left to a later stage of learning.


i agree. the soup is boiling is correct.


What if you want to mean "boiled soup"


Sopa fervido/ cozido


This is not a Portuguese course but Brazilian. I need to learn Portuguese S. Bailey.


it is a Brazilian Portuguese course indeed, not European Portuguese, as you can tell by the Brazilian flag.


The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. "Brazilian" is not a language.

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Then tell Wikipedia. "Brazilian (Portuguese: "Brasileiro(a)) may refer to: ... Brazilian Portuguese, the dialect of the Portuguese language used mostly in Brazil".


"Vocês ouviram gritos estranhos?"

"Sim, foi o vizinho praticando Português no Duolingo, o reconhecimento da fala não esteve funcionando."

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