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Streak Problems.

Hey, I just have a few problems regarding my streak. First of all, it says that I've used my skill freeze recently, when that shouldn't be the case. I have been getting points everyday for a few weeks now, and it shows that I have.

Another problem is that it says I am still on my 1rst day of my skill wager when I'm pretty sure I should be on my 3rd or 4th day. Can you guys please look into this and put my mind at ease? Thank you. :)

Edit: My spanish streak is now at zero and I know I definitely have earned points yesterday. :'(

November 15, 2013



I would suggest moving this to Troubleshooting. Edit, use the drop down menu in the editing window (click where it says "Doulingo" scroll down and select "Troubleshooting" then save. Good luck! And sorry to hear you're experiencing these difficulties :(


FWIW, I had two streak issues, and I wrote about it here like you have, and also reported it. I notice that my streakfreeze got fixed about 3 days into both reports. I know this because I went from 3 days to 6 days of a streak lol, which means it got fixed :)


Streaks aren't for particular languages.


If you search your profile and hover over your general streak, it'll show the streak for each of your languages.


I'm sorry. I didn't even notice that. ;)


I was so upset about my streak zeroing out when it shouldn't have that I contacted Duolingo. They did answer but they didn't fix it. As a result I quit using the program for a good four or five months! So you might as well shrug it off. (Go ahead and contact them -- use the bottom of the help page -- but don't get your hopes too high)!


sigh. I hope this isn't the case. Thanks

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