"The woman drinks."

Translation:Die Frau trinkt.

January 6, 2013



I am having a little trouble understanding when and how to use the nomative "Die" vs. the feminine/ masculine pronouns of (Der/ Die, and the neuter Das).

May 3, 2013


Der is for males, Die for women, and Das for neutral things or those who end with CHEN like MadCHEN.

August 25, 2013


just for your english, women is correct not womans

June 23, 2014


Thanks , i am a native spanish speaker learning german from english (before the spanish beta) sorry for my gramar .

June 27, 2014


It's ok. I hope you improve very fast:)

June 27, 2014


Well, if you're just translating "The woman drinks," yes. You've written "The woman drinks water."

January 6, 2013


What is the major difference between trinke and trinkt because I seem to always mix the two up. :(

June 11, 2013


With my initial understanding, trinkt is used for describing the action of another person. He is drinking water - Er trinkt Wasser. Trinke is used to describe the action of self. I am drinking water - Ich trinke Wasser. Both are present tense.

August 10, 2013


But when would it be appropriate to use trinkst?

June 21, 2014


Why to the child ( das kind) / the woman ( Die Frau) / the boy ( Der Junge) always use same verb, example Er/Sie isst Brot, das kind isst Brot, Die Frau isst Brot, Der Junge isst Brot.

January 27, 2014
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