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Seeking online dictionary recommendations

Is there a better online dictionary out there than Spanishdict.com, which would describe the distinctions among synonyms, alongside the word definitions? My ideal would be something that listed the common synonyms to a word, and how these each distinguish themselves from the others, along with a good selection of antonyms and related words. This would really help in the language acquisition process! Thanks for your input!

4 years ago


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I've found wordreference.com very useful

4 years ago


It is very useful.

I would be wary about the user based, because they have the same problems as DL forums (though some are good)

Spanish is a language which is regulated by an official body. This body is Spain based though. Currently, efforts are being made to include the rest of the Spanish speaking countries... that is, where Spanish is official. However you can find references to Latin American Spanish there without a problem.


4 years ago

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Spanish is not regulated through the RAE. There are 22 national Spanish language academies, and the RAE is just the Spanish one (as if "from Spain"). They also don't regulate Spanish, but report on how it is used and give recommendations on new uses (that sometimes are heard, and sometimes aren't).

4 years ago


Try ultralinga dictionary, I tend to use it more than meriman webster spanish dictionary or spanishdict. As you have probably read else where, you can't translate word for word as the meaning of the sentence or the use of accent marks influences the meaning of words. Also, I have found About.com language resource very helpful in understanding the written and spoken structure of spanish as I had long ago forgotten those high school english lessons on verbs, prepositions, adjectives, etc.

4 years ago


Another site is El País, a major newspaper in Spain. It has a Spanish dictionary, Spanish to English and reverse, and a thesaurus. http://servicios.elpais.com/diccionarios/ I also use word ref and RAE. One more is Tomísimo. It usually gives a variety of definitions. http://www.tomisimo.org/

4 years ago