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  5. "У мене є" versus "я маю"


"У мене є" versus "я маю"

It seems like both of these mean "I have". In what contexts do you "У мене є" and "я маю"?

October 23, 2015



Добре питання! This discussion is not terribly different from Russian where you have two phrases - "У меня есть" and the verb "иметь." I remember learning - at the time - that the latter of the two verbs was reserved for specific objects of ownership (materialistic things). Whereas the use of "у меня есть" was applied when referring to things like siblings, a job, etc. In other words, there were far more instances where the former was applicable.

So when I began learning Ukrainian, I applied the same logic. I am not claiming it is correct, and I am almost certain there's a higher authority on the distinction, but the few Russian friends I've communicated with almost always recommended "у меня" instead of using "иметь"

With that being said, I am pretty sure you'd be understood by anyone regardless of your choice. Do you have a preference? If so, I would stick with it until someone comes along and suggests otherwise.

Я зазвичай говорю "у мене є" коли я кажу про речі.


Well, the difference is that in Ukrainian both work fine. In Russian using «иметь» everywhere (outside official or formal style) would be an odd stylistic choice.


I had a bit of a "huh" moment when I dipped my toe into Mondly's Russian course, when they introduced я имею as "I have" in the course of the first group of lessons.

Didn't inspire me to invest... ;) not much of a loss leader there, Mondly.

It took me a while to get my head round я маю being a perfectly reasonable alternative to у мене є in Ukrainian.


Exactly "я маю" is perfectly correct Ukrainian translation of "I have" whereas in Russian it is a bit more complicated. The same as in Ukrainian is in west slavic languages: Polish "ja mam", Czech/Slovak: "já mám".


Slovak: ja mám, with short "ja" :)


Now that I think about it, it's kinda like how we can say "I have" or "I got" in English, even though got sounds more informal


thanks, that makes sense


They are both fine but IMO I would use "У мене є" and "У вас є" at the beginning of a sentence. (There is probably a more sophisticated answer to come from someone else)

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