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"Gutten hengte jakken døren."

Translation:The boy hung the jacket on the door.

October 23, 2015



What's the difference between hang and hengte?


I'm 95% sure the difference is that "hengte" is transitive (takes an object) and "hang" is intransitive (does not take an object).


I'm 100 % sure you're correct. This is something many Norwegians get wrong though, as the distinction isn't present in all dialects.


Something similar happens to English-speakers too- me included: I wrote "The boy hanged the jacket on the door" and got it wrong as the correct verb is "hung." This is even more ridiculous because "hanged" and "hung" are both transitive, but the former is only used with the sense of "suspended someone by the neck with a rope as execution." Despite this, I reported it, as most English speakers would not make this distinction and the purpose of this course is to teach Norwegian not impose prescriptive English.


Just FYI, this distinction is very much alive in the UK in my experience.


That's true for Germans as well. A lot of people say: "Ich habe die Jacke an die Tür gehangen." instead of "Ich habe die Jacke an die Tür gehängt." I'm very sure, though, that almost none of them would use the intransitive preterite form "hing" instead of "hängte".


I'm just hoping the transitive 'hang' will be added into the dictionary soon, because it's such a common mistake :)


Why is 'jakka' and 'døra' incorrect? Perfectly correct Norwegian


In "type what you hear" exercises you need to type what she's actually saying - not what you would say.


Hang on the hooks attached to the door right?

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