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  5. "Jeg leser en meny."

"Jeg leser en meny."

Translation:I am reading a menu.

October 23, 2015



The way she says "meny" sounds very dramatic...


If you want to say, "I am reading THE menu," would it be, "Jeg leser menyen"? Or does 'meny' combine differently with the definite article?


You've got it right.


why in here use (en) doesn't use (et)?


"Meny" is a masculine noun. Masculine nouns only use "en."


How do you tell what nouns are masculine and which are feminine?


That's something you generally have to memorize.


A previous example was "Ser du noe?", do you see something. Could this example also be "Leser jeg en meny." ? Or do you only put the verb in front when asking questions?

[deactivated user]

    To form a question, the verb and the subject need to switch places.

    Leser jeg en meny? - Am I reading a menu?

    The sentence below is a positive statement because the verb is in the second place.

    Jeg leser en meny. - I am reading a menu.

    Lastly, to make a negative statement, just add ikke after the verb.

    Jeg leser ikke en meny. - I am not reading a menu.

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