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  5. "A menina pensa."

"A menina pensa."

Translation:The girl thinks.

January 6, 2013



What's the difference between pensa - think, and the other verb "eu acho que no"? Achar is think only in that phrase or what? Thanks!


Achar means "to find", but like in English, it can also means "to think" when you're expressing an opinion. It can't be used when you want to say, for example, "I thought about this yesterday" (eu pensei sobre isso ontem), you have to use the verb "pensar" in this case, but if you want to say "I find this interesting" (eu acho isso interessante) or "I don't think so" (eu acho que não), you have to use "achar".


obrigada! That's the only downside about this whole duolingo thing - it doesn't explain the rules lol


actually I feel that this is one of the upsides of duolingo, because the rules are explained in a more interactive (question, answer, more questions, even more questions) kind of way in the discussion sections.


I'm glad we have each other for that. I'm like you, though, I like rules stated and explained.


If you are on a computer, it has many references. Duowiki is good


Achar is to think like to figure/imagine/believe

I think I'm alive / acho que estou vivo


Achar can mean " to find" "to guess" and "to think" . Pensar can mean "to think" "to guess".

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